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5 Steps To Your Ultimate Energy At Work

Do you ever feel as if brain fog, tiredness, lethargy, and overall exhaustion are part of your job? Do you feel as if those lackluster energy levels are apart of life you simply have to accept? Does it have to be this way forever? The answer is, no.

A lot of us resort to practically having an IV drip of coffee attached to us all day. Ah yes, the initial jolt of java is lovely but that crash…oh that crash. It makes you not only want more coffee but feel ten times more tired and lifeless. Nothing like a self-imposed cycle of chasing the energy dragon.

I am here to tell you it does not have to be like this at all! Below are steps I have my CEO clients utilize daily so they’re running at level 10 and beyond all day. sleeping, coffee, no energy, no energy at work

No more sleeping at your desk!

1. Workout When You Wake Up

I know, I know. How dare I say such a statement but working out in the morning not only gets your blood flowing but invigorates you, boosts your metabolism, makes your burn stored glucose (bye bye fat), increases brain functionality and has a multitude of  other body and mind benefits. Even five minutes a day is better than nothing. Try it and see how easy it is to become addicted to the morning rush. Plus who wants to workout after a long day of work? It is so much easier to keep to your commitments when you tackle them in the morning!

2. Eat Breakfast

I work with top models and I also work with top businessmen and businesswomen. Guess who eats less? If you guessed it was my corporate clients, you’re right. Not only does not eating make your blood sugar levels drop but it also slows your metabolism. I recommend a green smoothie as it’s packed with nutrients and super easy to make.

Bonus tip: Make your green smoothies in advance and store them in the freezer then pop them in the fridge the night before so your smoothie is defrosted and ready to go by the morning.

3. Hydrate

I’m talking to you coffee guzzlers again. Coffee is super dehydrating! Coffee can be great as I personally love Bulletproof Coffee but solely drinking coffee all day leads to dehydration and thus fatigue and headaches. When we are dehydrated we usually reach for food as it is easy to confuse our body’s signals for thirst as hunger. Try chugging some water first and then assess if it’s really hunger or just your body going into dehydration mode.

4. Power Walk that Power Lunch

Get that blood flowing at lunch. As tempting as it is to stay seated, it will not do anything for your mood, circulation, or energy levels. I can assure you just a brief power walk will allow your mind and body to recollect so you can focus on your important duties post-lunch. Side note, skip the fast food for lunch. It’s not doing you or your energy levels any favors.

5. Cut Through the Clutter

 When I first started working with some of my clients, I noticed that it seemed as if a bomb went off on their desks. Clutter is not only visually congesting, but mentally congesting as well. Clean up your workspace and organize as things come so there isn’t a buildup. Subconsciously focusing on the pile of junk on your desk does not allow for 100% focus on what you really need to be acknowledging within the moment.

 These tips can give you and your workplace a serious improvement.  These changes are little but they make a huge difference. There is nothing worse than feeling drained all day so consciously take charge of your routine with these simple steps and reap the benefits. If you need any help or extra steps, I’m here for you!

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