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December 26, 2013 | Posted in:Goals, Information

How To Make Goals and Stick To Them!

So what can you do right now to get that New Year’s Resolution going? I have some tips for beginners that simply require your brain. You’ve already spent all your money on Christmas and/or Hanukkah gifts, so freebies never hurt anybody:

Step 1: Think Realistically

First, pick a goal that you truly want that is beyond your current comfort level. Yes, you are used to hearing most law of attraction gurus tell you to set a goal that is out of this world, something you can hardly imagine, et cetera. How did that work out for you before? A little unrealistic in the beginning, methinks. Glad you agree. I’m not trying to set you up for failure here, so before we think outrageously, lets think realistically until we hone our ability to truly put our thoughts into reality.

As an example, if you have a deep, intense fear of dating someone but you want a partner, your goal shouldn’t be shacking up with Hollywood’s most famous star. Don’t get me wrong, pretty much any goal is possible but at the end of the day, do you believe yourself? Is that reality even possible right now? If you’re shaking your head no, let’s pick something more realistic that can be accomplished in a shorter period of time.

This can sometimes feel rather “blah” compared to the grand goal setting you’re used to hearing, yet not seeing the end result. However, the point is to start small and build upon your success thus acquiring tangible results and keeping you motivated to do more. Once you hit your first goal, you gain confidence and that confidence gives you the assurance that the next goal is completely possible. This is a very fun snowball effect once you get rolling.

Step 2: Create a Declaration of Your Goal

Once a day, write down the goal you’ve picked and what you want to experience. This gives us the “why” which is the motivation behind what you’re doing. Make it short and sweet, we’re not writing daily sonnets here. The intent is to create something that is in alignment with your current emotional state so you don’t feel as if you’re lying to yourself. Therefore writing, “I am now attracting a loving partner into my life” whilst you’re staying in all day, not communicating with anyone, laying on the couch watching your tenth romantic comedy this week will most likely not ring true for you. You can’t trick your mind, sorry. However, a statement that is in line with your emotional state will produce results so find what works for you. For example, declaring, “I now intend to attract a loving partner into my life” whilst you put yourself out there into the community where you will actually meet someone is not contradicting your emotions or your intelligence.

Step 3: Time to Celebrate!

After writing down your goal, it’s time to visualize. I want you to place yourself there with future you, goal accomplished. Feel the excitement, pride, self-control, and accomplishment that came with finally reaching your goal. I want you to really bask in the feeling of success. What emotions come about? What does it feel like knowing that you were in control and YOU were the one who made it all happen? Not too shabby, huh? I want you to really experience the emotion of this situation and how good it feels because this could be your reality. Success is sweet and it’s even sweeter knowing you’re the one who made it happen.

Step 4: Call Upon Your Inner Yoda 

Whilst you’re celebrating, ask future you what single action you can take today to make your goal accomplish itself faster. Future you knows exactly what had to be done to accomplish this goal and knows what steps had to be taken. By looking at your goal through these lenses, you can take a more practical approach to success.

Once you get your answer from future you, write it down and take that action immediately. Not tomorrow, future you isn’t cool with that and future you knows that isn’t how we got there. Taking daily action, no matter how small, convinces your subconscious (the part of us that really runs the show) that we are seriously committed.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Repeat these steps until you have accomplished your goal. And for the sake of being a beginner, just do one goal at a time per life category i.e. health/career/relationship until you build your goal-accomplishing technique or are working with a professional to keep you accountable.

Step 6: Don’t Stop Until You Have It

That’s it, pretty straightforward. Be persistent and be real with yourself. This is very doable if you hold yourself accountable. The universe, and even you, want to deliver what you want but without that clarity and specificity, what you actually get may not exactly be what you want.

As always, I am here for you if you need any help or accountability. Let’s bring 2014 in with a bang!


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