What Clients are Saying

  •  “Not feeling grounded in life and being sucked into everyone’s various dramas at work and in personal relationships was something I came to terms with and almost expected. I would give so much of my energy and time trying to take care of all these problems that, as we found, nobody quite frankly asked my help on and it was stressing me out. I had such a strong urge to be the voice of reason and it was making me feel negatively towards these individuals when they wouldn’t take my words of advice to heart and utilize them. Casey quickly delved into this mindset I had that was clearly not working well for me or others. She asked how I felt about having some choice in the manner and then asked who held my energy: those who cherish your help or those who let your words go in one ear and out the other even though you’re putting in your 100%? She showed me how to put my energy and time where it will be served best. Now I know who holds my energy and power, it is me.” – Ahmad, Dubai
  • “When I first came to Casey I was completely skeptical about trusting another individual to help me transform my company. Our productivity was at an all time low and for the first time in my life I felt like I wasn’t the leader I thought I was. Pretty disappointing and emasculating, to say the least. Through the implementation of Casey’s program and her extremely hands on approach, things started to change significantly within weeks. She wasn’t telling anyone what to do, myself included, but amazingly found ways for us to find our own personal leadership within ourselves so we became self-sufficient instead of feeling like we needed to call her every time problems ever struck. Needless to say, productivity increased ten-fold and our numbers are through the roof. Not to mention I have complete and utter confidence in my ability as a business owner and leader. I couldn’t thank you enough, you saved us!” –Brad, Rancho Santa Fe
  • “Casey finally broke me of making excuses for everything that was going wrong in my life and finally escape from victim mode into empowerment mode. I honestly thought the world was against me until I gave her program a chance. It’s like I have a new lease on life now and finally have “permission” to live. Thank you, Casey, for teaching me how to get my life back!” –Adriana, La Jolla
  • “I used to eat to the point of pain. I lived a horrible cycle of binging then purging then hating myself and of course repeating the whole process again. I went through 14 years of therapy. After one session utilizing Casey’s approach, I felt a burden literally lifted off my shoulders. Upon completion of her program, I figured out more about myself in a few short weeks than I had IN OVER A DECADE of therapy! I not only am free of a horrible eating disorder but also free to finally love and accept myself for who I am. I finally feel at home in my own body.” –Tara, New York City
  • “For the first time in my life I feel comfortable simply being me. Growing up in a household where being gay was the worst thing I could possibly do really affected me throughout life in my personal and professional relationships. I was told I was unlovable so I didn’t think I was really worthy of anything. Casey showed me my true reality and revealed clarity I never thought I could ever have about myself and my situation. Being gay doesn’t make me unlovable and she opened my eyes to that. Now I’m in a successful monogamous relationship and finally feel deserving of love to myself and from others. Thank you so much.” -Rick, West Hollywood
  • “I came to Casey in the midst of a breakup, and what felt like the end of another extremely self-destructive relationship. I truly reached my breaking point. However, with this program I snapped out of this person I didn’t even recognize, learned to respect myself and almost immediately started attracting women who respected me too. I never experienced such a thing in my life. I am so grateful to embody the new me and will continue to embrace all her teachings.” –Tyler, Miami
  • “Casey used the Legacy Methods to help me recognize my incredibly destructive self-talk and useless hate for myself I carried around for the majority of my life. Within three weeks of sessions I began a new job and relationship. It was as if this mask was finally removed. I’m moving up on the ranks in my job and I’m now engaged! I’ll be sure to invite you to the wedding, Casey!” –Mathias, Newport Beach
  • “My 6 year old son was bullied excessively on a day-to-day basis and I took him to see Casey in order to see if there was any hope in a rather horrible situation. She immediately delved into what was occurring and used techniques to give my son confidence, love for himself, extremely applicable wisdom for his particular situation, and an alliance. I must also mention that she worked with his school system and implemented a plan with the teachers and various faculty to prevent such horrible situations from re-occurring. You could tell her heart was in this and there was no way she was going to allow it to continue nor allow my son to feel so incredibly depressed and hopeless at a young age. I am so happy to say he is in such a good place now and actually stands up for other kids who have been bullied as he knows the “real” reason as to why the bullies are doing it. Thank you, Casey, you saved my baby.” –Angelina (mother of Luke), Calabasas
  • “I struggled with addiction for the majority of my adult life. Upon meeting Casey I felt a sense of hope that this was finally going to be doable. I was finally going to break my addiction. I was right. She helped me throughout the whole process and on top of that I had the most intense self-discovery and finally have the tools I need to conquer my own demons. She really got down to why I was doing what I was within the first session. That clarity really helped me move out of a dark place into one of sobriety and so much happiness. I cannot thank you enough.” –Derek, Beverly Hills
  •  “I was overweight and the only thing I saw when I looked in the mirror was fat. That’s it. I tried every diet and nothing worked and I expected nothing to work for me because to me, I was hopeless. It was nothing short of a miracle when Casey came into my life. She helped me lose over fifty pounds in 6 months. No diet, no pills. All of this was done through emotional release. Who knew that physical release would follow? I never saw or experienced anything like it before. With her help she basically showed me how to give myself permission to let go and just like that, it happened. Again, nothing short of a miracle. I have her to thank for my life and current happiness.”  -Natalia, London
  • “My mother was going through stage four breast cancer and I felt as if my life and hers was out of control. I hated everything around me and hated the world and whatever higher power was inflicting this kind of pain upon my mother. Casey was able to change my thinking and approach during such a horribly destructive and depressing time. She was there with me guiding me to a state where I could use that pent-up angry energy into one of love, healing, support and gratitude towards my mother. Honestly, it put my mom more at ease when she saw me approaching life and her own situation with love instead of hate and resistance towards something that was clearly out of my hands. That energy is the energy that was needed and knowing my mom felt that immense love for her was the most important thing. That’s the impression I want to leave, not one of hate and defiance, and Casey showed me how to gracefully welcome this state with open arms.” – Christine, Dublin
  • “Men cheated on me and I learned to accept this as a fact. This was just my relationships that I had and I kind of liked the fiery, romantic love affairs movies were made out of. Casey, quickly snapped me back into reality when we started working together. I recall her saying you can have the romance and love but the self-respect must come first and this is a non-negotiable. She never sat there and nodded like a therapist, she was real with me and wouldn’t take my games that I enjoyed playing. I never thought truly passionate relationships came without drama. Ego aside, I was wrong and I’m glad Casey enlightened me to this fact. Within a few short weeks I had a complete transformation and now only attract respectful personal and professional relationships. I’m so glad I now love myself enough to have proper standards of what a real relationship truly entails.” – Claudia, Chicago